Freelance Guidelines

While we maintain our own team of full time content creators we welcome and encourage others to apply to be a part time freelance content creator. If this sounds like something you'd like to do, please review the following list of freelance openings.

Please send all inquiries and applications to jobs [at] blogto [dotcom]

For full time job opportunities, please see our Jobs page.

Writing roles

Please note we are not currently hiring any freelance roles that involve product lists, lists of businesses, business or restaurant reviews or articles that promote a person or upcoming event. 

Instead, what we're looking for are writers who can contribute a minimum of one article a week to the site on a recurring theme or topic.

These are the current topics and themes we're looking for:

  • Articles that focus on subcultures, communities or neighbourhoods not often covered by mainstream or local media
  • Articles with a strong human interest element such as people overcoming obstacles or succeeding in the face of challenges, or helping others in their community
  • Articles about the local tech, internet or social media culture

Applicants must be able to demonstrate expert local knowledge in the particular topic. Priority will also be given to applicants who are able to take their own photography and create social media content (Instagram stories, photos, videos etc.) related to the article. 

Compensation will be based on factors such as types of content created and number of content submissions per month.

If you have an idea for an ongoing article or content idea not listed above, feel free to send us your pitch. All pitches should be based on an original idea or concept and not something derived from what another publication is currently doing.

If you'd like to send us a pitch please include the following info:

  • The proposed theme, format and word count for the recurring articles or content idea.
  • Suggested photography and/or social media to accompany the articles.
  • A link to your writing portfolio and/or social media portfolio.

Thanks to everyone in advance for your interest in contributing to the site. Please send all applications to jobs [at] blogto [dotcom]